Writing your Personal Statement

Writing your personal statement does not need to be tedious! Remember, this is your opportunity to share your journey to medical school.

Personal Statements are an important part of your application to medical school, most medical schools read them and you will often be asked questions on your statement if invited for an interview.


Top 5 Tips – Writing Your Personal Statement

  1. Keep it balanced – remember to include sections on your desire to study medicine, suitability for the course, reflective accounts of your work experience and volunteering and extra-curricular activities.
  2. Be Reflective – this is an art. Lear how to reflect by reading our dedicated section ‘Reflecting on your journey’. It is easy to be descriptive but what did you learn from your observations?
  3. Never lie. A core attribute of a Doctor is honesty and professionalism, it is not worth telling a lie on your statement. You will be asked questions on your personal statements and medical schools can make further enquiries based on your application.
  4. Start early – develop your statement over a period of time. An ideal starting point is after your Year 12 exams during the Summer Holiday.
  5. Ask for opinions – show your statement to school teachers and advisors. It is always good to have your statement peer reviewed and their views can enhance the quality of your statement.